Kikeyambay is a traditional drum and dance performance troupe sharing the music, culture and traditions of Guinea West Africa through story telling,music and dance performances. Kikeyambay honours the ancestral cultural traditions of the Malinké and Susu people of Guinea and performs in schools across British Columbia. through Artstarts, a not-for-profit organization that brings professional artists into BC schools. Kikeyambay has been working with Artstarts touring in schools around BC for over 5 years having performed in hundreds of schools. We are available for hire for school shows, theater performances, festivals, private parties or functions. If you want to bring some culture to any event, we bring joy and the love of dance to any crowd. As always the audience gets up and participates in the music as is the way of the African life- everybody gets involved leaving with a smile on their face!

No show is too big or too small! Contact us for more information!


To connect to Artstarts to get some partial funding for us to perform at your school please visit the following links:

- Artstarts

- Artstarts Study Guide

- Performance/Workshop PDF

Past Performances

Kikeyambay performs at schools - here are some online links to past performace articles:

- The Division 2 Blog

- Sandy Hill Elementary Performance


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